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Australians have always had an affinity with brick homes.
Most of us have grown up in homes made of brick and know the material well. And, whilst many different lightweight materials have come onto the market in recent years, bricks have remained the most popular choice of building material for new homes.

The benefits of brick

Bricks have plenty of benefits when it comes to building sturdy, reliable and beautiful homes.
  1. They are low maintenance and help hold value over time in your investment
  2. They have thermal excellent properties, helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer heat
  3. They are authentic, made from natural materials
  4. They offer excellent properties for protection from fire, wind and moisture
  5. There are so many aesthetic choices in colour, shape and texture combined with different mortar options to create endless style possibilities
You can read more about the benefits of brick and why you should consider choosing them for your home project here.

Listening to the industry professionals

Pictured above: Masterton Homes Sanctuary Double Storey Façade as Displayed at Warwick Farm Experience Centre, Brick: Opaline Range, Tiger Eye

Design manager for Masterton Homes, Anthony Campanale, says that more than 80 per cent of their homes are built with brick – and he can’t see that changing any time soon.

“Everyone likes brick – it’s the solidness of it,” he says. “It's a solid product, it's been popular for many years.”

The other appeal of brick, compared to lightweight materials, is its low maintenance, says Campanale. “It's a low-maintenance product. You don't have to repaint, re-render, or rework the product afterwards.”

Bricks come in a plethora of different styles and finishes, from fine, smooth and matt consistency to more rustic, roughened and textured finishes; from metallic, mottled and variegated looks to more heritage, traditional sandstock finishes. Even a recycled brick look and feel is now possible in a new brick with all the benefits in structure that a new manufactured brick brings. This variety of such breadth options helps Campanale to design a variety of home prototypes to suit all tastes, price points and sites.

“Brick has so many different textures, and each can give you a different feel, depending on the type of brick you choose. And a lot of times we mix it up, with perhaps a face brick mixed within other products as well.”

Campanale says that it is a common misconception that lightweight materials are cheaper, but that is not the case at all.

“You've still got to apply a finish on it, you got to pay the guys putting it up,” he says. "Cost-wise, it's like for like.”

Design manager with Eden Brae homes, Simon Borg, says that all their homes are made of brick – “our business is built from bricks” – and he loves the strength and variety it provides.

“I believe brick adds a lot of character,” he says. “It offers different colours and textured finishes.”

Borg says that he feels that lightweight materials look artificial. “They don’t look right,” he says. “People love bricks and mortar. This generation is not used to lightweight materials. They believe in bricks and mortar.”

With his designs for Eden Brae, Borg says he likes to mix up different types of bricks and even different types of mortar to create interest in the new homes they sell. Bricks have been particularly popular in the now ubiquitous al fresco areas in Eden Brae designs.

Pictured above: Eden Brae Homes, Bristol Fairview Façade Brick: Metallic Range, Nickel Flash

“I have done amazing things with bricks, even with landscape areas,” Borg says. “The whole idea is that we try and bring the outside in using brick for pergolas, fireplaces or alfresco areas.”

Choosing the right brick for your home

If you’re about to begin your home building journey, PGH has a variety of online tools that can help you choose the perfect brick to match your design vision. Take our Style Quiz to find out which design style will suit your taste best, use our Visualiser to bring your home idea to life on your computer screen, or check out our case studies for more inspiration on how you can incorporate brick into your home. Follow pghbricks on Instagram for more inspiration, and tag and share your build journey.

Or, you can call us on 13 15 79 to have a chat about your brick needs.

Banner Image: Eden Brae Homes, Jasper Façade Brick: Smooth Range, Black and Tan
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